Third Party Fire And Theft Can I Drive Another Car

Third Party Only Insurance Explained. from (applicable to the UK) For a motorist to drive on UK roads, it is a legal requirement to have at least third party only (TPO) car insurance. This is to ensure that third parties involved in an incident are protected.

Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) – for a bit more than the minimum with extra options Third Party Only (TPO) – for the least amount of cover to get you on the road. Once you’ve selected your cover, you’ll customise your car insurance policy by adding any additional drivers and.

By comparing with us, you can weigh up comprehensive, third party only, or third party, fire and theft policies to determine which one’s right for you. Another option is one of the most innovative policies on the market: telematics car insurance , a policy that bases the premium you pay on the way that you drive.

It only provides cover for third party damage or injury, and NOT fire, theft or accidental damage. Only cars are covered by this extension – you are NOT insured to drive vans, buses and minibuses, other commercial vehicles, quadbikes or motorcycles of any description.

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In the first instance check your existing policy to see if the policy allows you to ‘drive another car with the owner’s permission’. If this is not the case, one option is to take out a temporary insurance policy when cover can be purchased by the day.

For a young driver, quotes for both third party and third party fire and theft cover came out at 84% more expensive than comprehensive insurance, which offers much more protection.

Compare third party, fire & theft car insurance which covers you if your vehicle is stolen or involved in a fire and pays out for third party claims if you are involved in an accident that is your fault. Any damage or injury you cause to another car or other third party property. Third party, fire and theft car insurance FAQs. Q.

Overview. Car insurance comes in two main types – comprehensive car insurance and third party, fire and theft car insurance (TPFT). The main difference between the two is that comprehensive car insurance covers your car in case it is damaged accidentally – even if you were at fault.

Third Party, Fire and Theft It also provides cover up to $3,000 if your car is involved in an accident with another vehicle and that driver is at fault and un-insured. This is a good option for you if you’re budget conscious but want protection against fire and theft.

Our third party, fire and theft car insurance covers you if your car is damaged by fire or stolen, and if other people claim against you for injury or damage to their car or property. We also have a 24/7 accident recovery helpline, and cover any in-car equipment worth up to £1,000.

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The next step up is third party, fire and theft (TPFT). As the name suggests with this level an insurer would still pay out to a third party, but would also cover you if your car is damaged by fire or theft.

Jan 01, 2008  · You only need to be covered third party on your insurance to drive another car, but it cannot be registered at the same address as you, so if anybody is thinking of driving there wifes, sons, etc car don’t, unless your insurance says otherwise.

Third-party vehicle cover: what you need to know. Share on:. offer lower levels of cover for your car that are more affordable – typically, these are limited to cover for third party, fire and theft, and third-party-only cover. you may be retired with a 10-year-old car worth R20 000, and use it only to drive to your nearest shopping.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance Explained (applicable to the UK) For a motorist to drive on UK roads, it is a legal requirement to have at least third party motor insurance. This ensures that any third parties, their vehicles or their property are covered in the event of an incident.