Car Insurance I Am Registered But I Now Live At Different Address In Same State Can I Vote

Oct 22, 2016  · I’m pretty sure the car only needs to be registered to a place where you can be contacted. My car was registered to my parents address for several years and it was never a problem.

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You can purchase auto insurance in a new state before you register your vehicle, but you have to switch over your registration to that state at or near the same time. Some states will give you 30 days, but you need to understand that once you change your insurance to another state other than where you are registered, then this registered state will be informed that you dropped your insurance.

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Make sure to avoid a gap in coverage — even a day uncovered can mean higher car insurance rates in the future. zip codes and car insurance rates. Because each state sets its own car insurance requirements, where you live could be a major factor in the amount of coverage you’ll need.

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Mar 30, 2009  · Hi, I have insured my car on my friend’s address because his postcode turns out to be very cheap for my premiums. My car and Driving Licence are registered on my home address but when I buy insurance on my home address it goes double.

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When you own a car in one state, you typically cannot have Mom, Dad, Uncle Bert, or Grandma Betty insure it under their policy if they live in another. The main reason is because each state decides its own car insurance requirements individually.

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When you no longer have a permanent physical home address, your legal address or “domicile” can be in any state. Some states are better than others for this purpose.

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Jun 19, 2009  · In the end insurance companies are far more likely to get upset than the state vehicle registration folks, simply because different "garaged" addresses have different insurance rates -.

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My insurance agent said that by Oregon State Law spouse’s still have to be on the auto insurance policy, even though she is disabled and is no longer driving. Another words, I am not allowed to open a new policy just in my name, being as I have a clean driver’s record.

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