Proving My No Claims Discount

After an accident, Direct Line failed to get CCTV evidence proving I wasn’t at fault. They’re now charging me for damage and wiping my no claims discount

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22/09/2016  · How to Prove No Claims Bonus. A No Claims Bonus is the discount an insurer will apply to your premium payments as a reward for not making a claim.

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Current CustomersWhen your policy is due for renewal you can access the proof of No Claims Discount in your MyAXA account.Alternatively you can contac.

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After an accident, Direct Line failed to get CCTV evidence proving I wasn’t at fault. They’re now charging me for damage and wiping my no claims discount

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I’m renewing my car insurance, but do I really need to protect my no claims bonus?

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If we’ve not been able to automatically validate your No Claim Discount (NCD), you’ll need to upload a copy of your proof to your My account. Your proof of No Claim.

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You can request proof of your no claim discount (NCD) online. We won’t send proof of no claim discount (NCD) if your car is still insured with us.

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29/05/2010  · So my question is, is this acceptable to send or if not where can I find a document proving my two years no claims?. (70%) no claim discount"

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After an accident, Direct Line failed to get CCTV evidence proving I wasn’t at fault. They’re now charging me for damage and wiping my no claims discount

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You can also get a copy of your No Claims Discount proof up to 30 days after the end of your policy. Log in to My Swift Space, look in Policy Documents, and click.

Aviva Car Insurance - Providing Proof Of No Claims DiscountHow long can I keep building my no claims discount? The longer you go without claiming on your insurance, you will need proof of your no claims discount.

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03/01/2010  · Now, for my TVR insurance, MSM want proof of my no claims, No it isn’t unfortunately, they say they ‘Do not need proof of your No Claims Discount.

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Why do you need my NCB details? We need proof of your NCB details to ensure we apply the correct level of discount to your policy.

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